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    Exclusive popularity graphs
    We have taken it upon ourselves to create easy-to-read graphs of the most popular names in baby name history (and you've thanked us). Using data provided by the SSA, we have put together a visual chart of the high's and low's of the top 1000 names, 1900 to present.

  • SSA's
    Top 10 Names for 2011 (US)
    Rank Male Female
    1 Jacob Sophia
    2 Mason Isabella
    3 William Emma
    4 Jayden Olivia
    5 Noah Ava
    6 Michael Emily
    7 Ethan Abigal
    8 Alexander Madison
    9 Aiden Mia
    10 Daniel Chloe
    View Top 100 Male Names for 2011 with Meanings and Origins
    View Top 100 Female Names for 2011 with Meanings and Origins
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